Building A Better America Launches to Encourage U.S. Infrastructure Modernization

Will Champion Efforts to Streamline Regulations, Improve Infrastructure Permitting Process

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Building a Better America — representing the interests of American job creators, state and local leaders, and workers who support improved infrastructure — today announced its launch. The organization will advocate for a modernized infrastructure review and permitting system to allow state and local governments to make investments in much-needed infrastructure projects that will improve the lives of Americans. Building a Better America launches as the Trump Administration last week announced much-needed updates to the National Environmental Policy Act’s (NEPA) implementing regulations, which are currently stifling U.S. job creation and economic growth.

Phil Cox will serve as chairman of Building a Better America. Phil said, “In a nation of constant innovation, it is disappointing to see how much American infrastructure falls behind our global competitors. Where our competitors are quick and agile, the U.S. is slow and bogged down by bureaucracy. We must do better for our job creators, workers, and communities. Building a Better America will work to advance a transparent, easy-to-navigate permitting process to ensure infrastructure projects bring our communities into the 21st century without getting stuck in permitting purgatory.”

Building a Better America seeks to educate Americans about the benefits of NEPA modernization. Diverse stakeholders from governors to union members to farmers and ranchers agree: NEPA’s 40-year old bureaucratic structure is out of date with the needs of today’s economy. Modernized infrastructure permitting will result in greater transparency and predictability for state and local governments seeking to build and improve airports, roads, transit, and many other public assets.


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