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Our Mission

Americans all agree we need to build more – we need roads, bridges, and all forms of energy – but we are hampered by an outdated and inefficient permitting regime. BBA seeks to leverage this broad agreement and enact common-sense reform to our permitting process that allows important projects to be completed and provide for meaningful environmental protection.

We Need Permitting Reform Now

“Today, far too many projects face delays — keeping us from generating critical, cost-saving energy needed by families and businesses across America. That’s an impediment to our economic growth, for creating new jobs, and for lessening our reliance on foreign imports.”


Joe Biden

“Failing to pass bipartisan energy permitting reform that both Republicans and Democrats have called for will have long-term consequences for our energy independence.”


Joe Manchin

“The American people know exactly what we need: An all-American domestic energy strategy. Crude oil responsibly drilled in America, natural gas responsibly fracked in America, and more minerals and high-tech components responsibly mined in America.”

Senate Minority Leader

Mitch McConnell