Permitting Reform Process

Democrats and Republicans agree — our permitting process needs reform.

America needs to build. We need roads, bridges, airports and ports; we need mines and oil and gas wells; and we need new sources of electrical power like wind and solar. In short, America needs to build the infrastructure to fuel our economy now and into the future.

Unfortunately, no matter what you want to build or where you want to build it, America’s antiquated and inefficient permitting process delays, and in many cases prevents, these vital projects from moving forward.

The bi-partisan agreement that we need to significantly improve the permitting process provides a unique opportunity to create common-sense reform that can pass both houses of Congress and be signed into law by the President.

At a minimum, this reform should include:


Limited timelines for environmental reviews


Streamline process of environmental reviews across all agencies


Ensure that a final decision is a final decision

Our Goal

A more modernized permitting process that eliminates needless delays and allows important infrastructure projects to get done.